Our Mission

SG1 is a leading provider of cloud based and managed services that deliver innovative, award winning strategies to help businesses strengthen and protect their IT infrastructure.

Executive Team

Kevin Dutton

Founder and Managing Partner

As the Founding Partner of aFuture Com in 1991, Kevin recognized a void among smaller organizations – bringing enterprise level IT management to those businesses (500 employees and under). Kevin has since grown the company into a national footprint and evolved into a true Cloud Centric Managed Service Provider.

Alberto Alexander

Chief Technical Officer

From an early age, Fort Worth native Alberto Alexander found technology fascinating. Life with and about computers therefore became his life’s path from that point onward. He excels in the design architecture and implementation of networks, on both small- and large-scale business plans.

Carl Allen

Managing Partner

Having worked for several Fortune 100 companies over a span of two decades, Carl is an executive operations leader and a natural entrepreneur who drives SG1’s operation with his program management expertise and lean six sigma training.


After months of constant internet accessibility, server and firewall problems, we hired SG1. Their staff were able to identify our issues immediately and offer solutions to correct our problems and even handle our secure offsite storage, all within our budget and in a timely manner.Mitch Breeden

Mitch Breeden   

SG1’s exceptional knowledge and customer service skills have proven to be a valuable asset to our company, as it allows us to focus on conducting business rather than dealing with the hassle of endless IT obstacles. I highly recommend Solutions Group 1 to anyone in need of IT service solutions.Mitch Breeden

Mitch Breeden   

I’ve heard the word WOW several times today at how fast things are running, and we just wouldn’t have that without the help and support that everyone from SG1 has provided.Tracy Allen

Tracy Allen   

We have enjoyed the service and people at SGI. You have been responsive to our needs and quite helpful in our education of new technologies. We look forward to gaining even more efficiencies as we contemplate our expansion into more cloud-based services.Paul R Guernsey

Paul R Guernsey   

You’ve clearly lived up to everything you promised and, most importantly, you saved us dollars we’d have (unintentionally) spent. Again, it’s really about the quality and care your team devotes… promptly responsive and very knowledgeable. Thanks again, SG1! Excellent work!Steve House

Steve House   

The experience and availability has been critical to our successful transition and network stability. SG1 went above and beyond to help with all workstation issues. Support has been prompt, professional, and knowledgeable. Mark D. Wilson

Mark D. Wilson   

All SG1 personnel have been professional, extremely competent and great to work with. I sleep better now knowing that our systems and data are secure and I have a watch dog ensuring that no surprises will be waiting for me in the morning.Dan Desabrais

Dan Desabrais   

SG1 has been able to understand our business needs for a simple yet effective communication solution. Moving to a cloud-based, premise solution has helped us with scalability and cost reduction. Bernadette Smith

Bernadette Smith   

It has been a pleasure working with you and your team. I feel convinced I made an intelligent decision to have SG1 as our IT provider and service company.Todd Sternfeld

Todd Sternfeld   

Our Partners

SG1’s rich ecosystem of technology partners, expert consultants and system integrators are ready to help you build and maintain your Cloud Platform.